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Reviews of TrickleStar TrickleSaver TV hebben 4 deskundige overzichten van TrickleStar TrickleSaver TV verzameld en de gemiddelde classificatie is 94%. Scrol en zie neer alle overzichten voor TrickleStar TrickleSaver TV.
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  Gepubliceerd: 2010-08-11, beoordeeld door:

  • Automatically powers down AV accessories, Works with almost any TV or PVR, Inexpensive
  • A bit bulky

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  Gepubliceerd: 2009-11-10, beoordeeld door:

  • Easy to install, Works as it should, Will save you money,
  • No Builton surge protection
  • The TV TrickleSaver is one of those products that is so simple, but yet truly does work. It’s easy to install and when you’re done you’ll be saving yourself some hard earned cash. Pros: +Easy to install +Works as it should +Will save you money Cons: ...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2009-08-12, beoordeeld door:

  • Works as advertised, Nicely made, Very easy to use
  • No builtin surge protection
  • The TrickleStar TV TrickleSaver works exactly as advertised, it effectively kills those electricity vampires that are roaming around your house. It works, and it’s very easy to use as well. The problem comes in with the fact that it doesn’t in...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2009-07-27, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  9.9This eco-conscious device is the perfect accessory to put a stop to appliances from wasting standby power. So what exactly is standby power? Standby power is generally used by devices to start functioning immediately when requested to run, however t...

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