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  Gepubliceerd: 2008-09-03, beoordeeld door:

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Never underestimate the best CRTbased televisions for overall picture quality. When properly set up and calibrated, they (and particularly this set) can still show a picture filled with beauty and subtlety th...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2004-08-26, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  <b>Spec:</b> Stereo, 34 in, 16:9, 3D digital, TV - Color, CRT, Remote control (Infrared)<br> <b>Good:</b> Highest resolution of any consumer direct-view HDTV; independent memory per input; excellent color decoding.<br> <b>Bad:</b> Bulky tube form factor.<br> <b>Bottomline:</b> This is the reference standard for picture quality among direct-view HDTVs and also happens to be a great value.<br>

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