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  Gepubliceerd: 2017-10-05, Auteur: Jessica , beoordeeld door:

  • The right rear burner is a standout—It can sustain high and low temperatures and boil water in 3:43. That's almost as fast as induction, It's reasonably priced for a 36” radiant cooktop, Customers love it, as evidenced by rave reviews on Home Depot, Sears, and AJ Madison
  • While the knobs are laid out logically in the same pattern as the burners, we think they're too close together, It lacks more precise temperature measurements than a simple high/low scale, Like all radiant (also known as glass or smoothtop) cooktops, it's easy to scratch
  • We love this Maytag cooktop. With sale prices around $800, we also think it's a smart investment for a remodel or replacement. If you can reconcile its cluttered knob arrangement, we think it's one of the best electric cooktops you can buy.Similar Product...

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