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  Gepubliceerd: 2018-12-13, Auteur: The , beoordeeld door:

  • Versatile in the functions it offers, Very small and compact to store, Cups are microwave safe, Good price point, Cups and lids are dishwasher safe, Great for blending leafy greens,
  • Very small cup size which limits the user to smaller smoothies, Struggled to pulverise ice as well as raspberry seeds, The whole device pulsates when it struggles with tougher ingredients
  • While compact in design, the Original Magic Bullet produced mixed results in its performance. It scored top marks for blending our greener recipes, but struggled with tougher ingredients such as ice and seeds, which also tended to pulsate the device. We l...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-04-06, beoordeeld door:

  • Performs multiple functions (blender, food processor, mixer, and juicer), multiple attachments, extremely fast performance
  • Soft and sticky foods tend to cling to cup and become over processed
  • The Magic Bullet System is a truly unique and versatile appliance. This unit is in fact an entire system, which functions not only as a food processor, but also as a blender, a juicer, and, for certain tasks, as a mixer. Plus, the handy containers act...

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