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Reviews of Nokia 6300 hebben 56 deskundige overzichten van Nokia 6300 verzameld en de gemiddelde classificatie is 82%. Scrol en zie neer alle overzichten voor Nokia 6300.
Award: Goede Koop January 2015
January 2015
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  Gepubliceerd: 2008-01-01, beoordeeld door:

  • 2 megapixel camera, Fantastic memory, Brushed metal casing
  • No 3G
  • A slimline candybar that is full featured as well as being good looking...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-10-11, beoordeeld door:

  • Simple and easy to use, uncomplicated, great at just being a phone
  • No dedicated music buttons, no flash on camera, no 3G, Series 40 rather than Series 60
  • The Nokia 6300 is a great phone if you are looking for just a phone

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-08-31, beoordeeld door:

  • Slim and stylish. Great battery life. Solidly built
  • Not as feature-packed as some rivals. Fiddly D-pad
  • A slimline Nokia stamped with class and quality. Simple, perhaps, but elegant and fuss-free ...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-06-15, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  simple and elegant candybar phone: Nokia doesnt get it right every time, but when the company hits the spot, it gives every other mobile phone manufacturer a lesson in the correct marriage of form and function. The 6300 is a case ...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-05-23, beoordeeld door:

  • Slim, stainless steel casing, Execellent colour screen , 2-megapixel camera
  • No 3G, No flash for camera, Small internal memory
  • It seems increasing numbers of mobile users want to get keep it simple. They want a smart looking phone that does the business, but doesnt necessarily have to do absolutely everything. We dont mean basic or old-fashioned - we mean a phone that has th...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-05-19, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  Nokia 6300 Review See 3Gs best deal on the Nokia 6300 - click hereSolid as a rock ... Click for larger photo Nokia has fashioned some classic handsets in its time and the new 6300 looks like it might just join that elite pantheon of Finnish phones. T...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-04-26, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  Susi examines the Nokia 6300 and reports back for Shiny Shiny (remembering to apologise for her manicure) on this simple, straightforward but fairly limited phone.

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-04-02, beoordeeld door:

  • Slim design; sharp colour screen; easy-to-use keypad; slick-looking user interface that keeps it simple
  • No auto-focus or flash on the camera; lack of 3G connectivity
  • While this isnt the most advanced handset out there, it has a strong casing, a decent all-round feature set and an elegant, straightforward design. This is Nokia at its best ...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2011-05-24, beoordeeld door:

  • The Nokia 6300 has a very nice large screen, and sufficiently sized keypad for fast, convenient texting. This makes the 6300 a very suitable phone for youngsters who want to keep in touch with their friends throughout the day. The large screen e...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2007-11-16, beoordeeld door:

  • It is incredibly well built, while the trim profile means it is great to handle and use.
  • We are finding it hard to spot a real weakness with the 6300.
  • The 6300 is a stone-cold classic from Nokia.

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