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  Gepubliceerd: 2009-03-27, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  For those of you looking for massive storage capacity and HD video streaming speed, the HighPoint RocketRAID 4322 represents is a serious SAS/SATA RAID host adapter worth your consideration. It uses the powerful Intel IOP348 1.2GHz I/O processor and ...

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  Gepubliceerd: 2009-02-27, beoordeeld door:

  • Samenvatting:  HighPoint Technologies Inc. is shipping the RocketRAID 4322 PCI-Express 8x SAS RAID controller ($749). The eight channel dual external mini-SAS (SFF-8088) interface provided by the RocketRAID 4322 supports up to eight direct connect SAS/SATA hard disks...

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